In addition to the original, we have also designed a premium variant and one for a cheaper price segment. And – there is also the O.F.B. e-top.

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O.F.B. Original

The first and original version of the O.F.B. is operated with gas and has the intuitive height adjustment system in which the grill grate can be pushed in and out on the side support plates.

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O.F.B. Premium

In addition to the features of the O.F.B. Original, this version has a drawer system for the grill grate and the pizza stone. The retrofittable full extension drawer simplifies handling and reduces the effort of cleaning after grilling.

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O.F.B. Lite

We designed the O.F.B. Lite for Otto Wilde for a more affordable price segment. By eliminating the removable top, the structurally complex height adjustment and the separately adjustable burners, this variant dispenses with additional extras, but ensures the same results when grilling.

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e- O.F.B.

The electric grill differs from the other O.F.B. Variants only in the top - this means the burner units are interchangeable. The two heater groups are infinitely variable and individually adjustable and reach grill temperatures of up to 800° C. The electric version is also approved for indoor use.