Convertible features

The O.F.B family is also modularly designed from components. Whether gas or electric version with the full extension drawer, every O.F.B. original can become premium.

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Gas or Electric Top

The quickly and easily removable top enables the transformation of from a gas to an electric grill for indoor at any time.

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Premium drawer

The fully extendable drawer can be retrofitted in the original version. In the premium version, it is already installed. The drawer makes it possible to pull out the grate together with the tray, meat juices and dripping fat are collected directly.

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Slide in slots

The Lite version has black burnished slots in which the grate can be inserted at six different heights. For easy cleaning, these stainless steel slots can be removed with a knurled screw and cleaned in the dishwasher.

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Whether the user prefers cast iron or stainless steel grates, the O.F.B. offers the right material for both. Both grates ensure ideal heat distribution and feel very comfortable and balanced.