Leveling casters

The robust and compact high-performance castors serve as stand and height adjustment in one. A matching plinth complements the look of the perfect outdoor kitchen.

FlexLine gas delivery system

If the C16" is used together with a G32" or G16" as a side unit, the gas bottle can also be accommodated in one of these modules and connected to the FlexLine gas delivery system.

Power brick

There is a waterproof power strip on the back of each module. This allows the user to power additional devices.

Modular cover

Modular covers are connected via zippers. That way they can be expanded later on and protect the outdoor kitchen from soiling by weather and pollen.

Upgrade anytime

A storage space upgrade is possible at any time. The 16 inch components such as doors, drawers and shelves fit into all grill, cooking and storage modules within the platform.