Griddle plate

The griddle plate completes the G32", G16" and even the C16". The slightly inclined, solid stainless steel plate is easy to clean and ensures even heat distribution. Remaining fat and roasty bits can easily be pushed into the removable drawer.


If the C16" is not used for cooking or frying, a stainless steel lid or a cutting board extends the work surface. Cooking grids can also be parked here.

Doors and drawers

The storage space of the C16" module can be adapted to the users needs. Whether with doors or drawer - with the FlexLine Gas Delivery System, the placement of the gas cylinder can be chosen individually.

Cabinet, Ad-On or Build-In

The C16" is designed both, as a cabinet with a door or drawers, and as an add-on with a top drawer. Of course, the C16" also works as a built-in variant with a natural gas connection.