Griddle plate

The griddle plate completes the G32", G16" and even the C16". The slightly inclined, solid stainless steel plate is easy to clean and ensures even heat distribution. Remaining fat and roasty bits can easily be pushed into the removable drawer.

Pizza Set

A stone for pizza or tarte flambée. This 16" accessory fits in the G32" and G16". An extension for the C16" with pizza dome is in development.

Smoker box

For smoking with wood chips, Otto‘s platform offers a smoker box for the G32" and G16". This 8" module is used instead of a flame tamer above the burner.

Cast iron- and stainless grates

Whether the user prefers cast iron or stainless steel grates, Otto‘s platform offers the right material for both. The 8" segments fit in the G32", G16" and as inserts in the worktops of the storage modules.


The rotisserie fits left and right to the G32" and G16" and can even be connected and inserted through both grill chambers. The motor can be plugged into the power brick on the back of the grill.

Drawer upgrade

Otto´s Platform is designed to grow with your grilling passion. A storage upgrade from door to drawer is possible at any time, whether 16, 32 or 24 inch.

Modular cover

Modular covers are connected via zippers. That way they can be expanded later on and protect the outdoor kitchen from soiling by weather and pollen.