Segmented cooking grates

The massive grids are designed for stainless steel and cast iron. The cooking space is divided into 4 segments according to the 4 temperature zones. Each segment is part of a modular system and can be combined with other accessories – griddle plate, pizzastone or smoker box.

Zone seperators

Zone seperators can be placed between the grill grates to better divide the temperature zones. When not in use, the metal sheets can be parked on the side of the grate.

Heavy-gauge flame tamer

The massive flame tamers ensure even heat distribution and give the meat a typical grill flavor through evaporating juices. The modular structure allows one of them to be exchanged for a smoker box.

4 commercial grade burners

The cast stainless steel burners guarantee extremely fast preheating to a maximum temperature of 450° C. At the same time, they are very precise in the lower temperature range. They're usually only found on commercial devices - and they last a lifetime.

Stainless-steel drip plates

When designing the G32" easy cleaning was a main focus. Seamless surfaces and few fixed points are the key to a clean Firebox layout. Stainless steel drip plates guide excess oils and fats into the GN-trays underneath. They can be removed from the front and easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Extra-long rotisserie burner

We designed an extra long rotisserie burner to utilize the full width of the grill. This infrared gas burner has an output of 3.5 kW / 12,000 BTU and heats up to 600° C in a few seconds.

4 built-in zone probes

The Measure where it matters temperature recording system (MWIM) connects 4 integrated temperature sensors and 4 meat probes via WLAN or Bluetooth with the app. Exact temperature values can be displayed and target temperatures defined without opening the lid - even while on the go..

100% stainless-steel

The G32" is made entirely of stainless steel, this also applies to all fastening elements and powder-coated parts. This ensures an extremely long lifetime.