Push´n turn pulse ignition

All G32" models are equipped with high-quality knobs made of solid stainless steel in a classic design. The pulse ignition system ensures a safe ignition process every time the grill is started.

Fine adjustment

The valve control for the Connected has a particularly large angle of 180° for accurate setting with LED illuminated knobs. The precise electronic valve control of the Smart has no stop - better still, the display of the Smart LED assist gives intuitive feedback about the burner intensities of the entire grill surface.

Double insulated lid

The double-walled lid offers good insulation against outside temperatures. The special design inside enables perfect heat circulation in the grill chamber.

Full dome lights

The halogen spotlights integrated in the lid ensure uniform light distribution over the entire cooking surface without dazzling the user. The built-in twilight sensor switches the light on automatically when it gets dark outside.

Fat management system

When designing the G32" easy cleaning was a main focus. A full extension drawer houses 2 stainless-steel GN-trays that can be easily removed and replaced, even during the grilling process and effortlessly be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Massive storage

The huge storage space offers enough space for all standard gas bottles, additional devices and tools. Shelf inserts are designed to customize the storage space according to the user's needs. Stainless steel hinges with a soft-close mechanism provide a comfortable user experience.

Leveling casters

The robust and compact high-performance castors serve as stand and height adjustment in one. A matching plinth complements the look of the perfect outdoor kitchen.

FlexLine gas delivery system

With the Flex-Line gas delivery system, the gas supply of several modules can be combined from one source, whether with natural gas or from a gas cylinder.

Power brick

There is a waterproof power strip on the back of each module. This allows the user to power additional devices.