The O.F.B. pizza stone is made of certified, food-safe cordierite and fits perfectly into the Grill. We have designed a robust pizza shovel where the handle can be folded down so that it can also be stowed away in the transport box.

Cutting board

The massive oak cutting board has the same format as the GN-tray, the grill grate and the pizza stone. After grilling, it can be pushed over the grate and everything is in its place.

Stainless steel grill grate

In addition to the standard cast iron grate, we have designed a stainless steel version (1.4301) that can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after grilling.

Premium Drawer

The drawer makes it possible to pull out the grate together with the tray, meat juices and dripping fat are collected directly. The fully extendable drawer can be retrofitted in the original version. In the premium version, it is already installed.

Grill cover

The robust oxford fabric is waterproof and keeps the grill protected from weather conditions. Thanks to the handy zipper, the grill cover can be opened on the back and pulled over the grill, even when the gas hose is attached.

Storage box

A sturdy aluminum box with a padded interior and carry handles stows the grill, including accessories, safely and compactly.

Grill table

We designed a mobile grill table that perfectly covers grilling with the O.F.B. Under a generous stainless steel worktop, it offers storage space for a gas bottle, the storage box, a second gas or electric top and space for all kinds of accessories.

Grill table XS

For tight spaces, we have designed the grill table in a very compact version that is just big enough to be able to grill properly on a balcony.