The T16" is the smallest module within the platform. The simple side tables transform the G32" into a classic gas grill for ambitious beginners. Further modules can follow at any time.


This module is extremely compact and offers just enough worktop space for the O.F.B. or for the preparation of dishes. With just one drawer, this module is also available as an S16" add-on.


For the permanent integration of the O.F.B., we have developed the module width of 24 inches. This width also corresponds to the 60cm kitchen standard and, in combination with the special modules, perfectly structures the platform.


The 32 inch wide storage module can be equipped with doors and/or drawers. We also designed extra-wide 32-inch drawers that use the entire width of the module.


With this module, kitchen counters can also be built around corners. This is possible both on the right and on the left. The storage space is made accessible by a carousel.