Radiant technology

The electric heater units are preheating within only 3 minutes. Radiant heat from the top allows higher searing temperatures, more even cooking while eliminating flare-ups and charring. The fast cooking process eliminates the air-drying problem of conventional grills and the steaks remain juicy.

Temperature zones

Two separate temperature zones can be set for different dishes or meat thicknesses, even if these are being prepared at the same time.

Power boost

In order to use the full power to finish the crust, we have developed the Power Boost function. A switch regulates one side of the heater groups down for a short time and uses the full power for a particularly high temperature on the other side.

Smooth Move height adjustment

The quick, easy and flexible grate height adjustment can be operated intuitively with the lever. After the grate is pushed in, the height is fine-tuned and the lever is parked.

Clever Lever

After fine adjustment of the height, the lever can easily be removed from its anchorage in order to slide the grate in and out.

Drip tray

Directly under the grill there is a GN tray that collects meat juices and dripping fat. This can also be filled for cooking side dishes and simply cleaned in the dishwasher after use. The drip tray tongs are recommended for easy handling.

Protection shield

Another tray is located at the bottom of the grill. It protects the table from radiant heat and dripping fat. The removable stainless steel sheet fits into the dishwasher and disappears almost invisibly into the grill when not in use.